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Leanne Graham, C.A. Executive Director

Terry Costigan, Director of Finance

Lyle Valentich, Grants Manager

Dana Zedak, LSW, Director of Professional Enhancement

Erica Konecny, Administrative Assistant

Jan Apisa, Director of Community Engagement

Mickey Valdez, Director of Services

Larry Richard, Supervisor of Services

Gina Mace, Marketing Coordinator

trauma therapy

Carrie Milkovich, MSW, LSW, CA Trauma Therapist


Alexandra Potter, C.A.
Victim Advocate

Sam Clarke, C.A.
Intake Advocate, APD-935

Jillian Loftus, C.A.
Victim Advocate, APD-935

Jennifer Stasko, C.A.
Victim Advocate, Barberton Municipal Court

Katie Bernola, C.A

Night Advocate (4pm- Midnight)

Socorro Morgan, C.A.
Victim Advocate, APD-935

Shannon Conrad Wokojance, C.A.
Victim Advocate, APD-935

Lindsay Knight, C.A.
Victim Advocate, APD-935

Martina Jones, C.A
Victim Advocate, APD-935


Intake Advocate, Summit County Clerk's

Ebony Coleman, C.A

Crisis Hotline Advocate

Intake Arraignment Advocate

Jen Wynn, C.A

Overnight Victim Advocate (Midnight-8am)

Deneen Brant, C.A

Crisis Hotline Advocate