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victim compensation

what does the Victim of Crime Compensation program do?

Ohio’s Victim of Crime Compensation program  reimburses crime victims, their families and others who may incur specific  expenses as a result of a crime of violence, including medical bills, lost  wages, counseling, and funeral expenses. Recently the program was amended to  cover reimbursement for additional expenses such as hearing aids, dental aids, glasses, walkers and wheelchairs. Reimbursement for expenses is considered after  all payments or adjustments from insurance providers or other available sources have been made.

how would I qualify for this program?

If you were a victim of a crime and have incurred out-of-pocket expenses not covered by  insurance or another source, you might be eligible for this program. Family
members of an injured victim also may be eligible under certain circumstances.

do I need to make a police report in order to qualify for the program?

Yes. The victim must file a police report  and cooperate with law enforcement personnel. The former 72-hour deadline for  filing a police report has been eliminated, however. 

can I receive compensation for stolen, damaged or lost property?

Generally, no. However, reimbursements  for crime scene cleanup and repairs for safety, items taken for evidence and the  replacement cost for clothing damaged due to medical treatment and assessment may be available.

how can I learn more?

For more details about Ohio’s  Victim of Crime Compensation program you may contact the Ohio Attorney General’s  office at 1-877-5VICTIM (1-800-282-0515) or visit http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Individuals-and-Families/Victims/Apply-for-Victims-Compensation. Victim Assistance Program advocate can help you apply for compensation at any of our local offices.