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Identity Theft

we are sorry this happened to you; we’re here to help

If you have been a victim of identity theft, act quickly.

  1. Place an initial fraud alert by calling of of the numbers below
  2. Order a credit report
  3. Create an identity theft report
  4. Submit a report to the Federa Trade Commission. When you finish writing the details, print a copy of the report. It will be called an Identity Theft Affidavit.
  5. Bring your Federal Trade Comission Identity Theft Affidavit when you file a police report.
  6. Obtain a copy of th police report or the report number.

Your FTC Identity Theft Affidavit and your police report make an Identity Theft Report.

  • Equifax – 1.800.525.6285
  • Experian – 1.888.397.3742
  • Trans Union – 1.800.680.7289

normal reactions to identity theft

When someone steals yoru identity, it is normal for you to experience a wide range of emotions. It is common to experience anger, denial, confusion, and frustration. Victim Assistance Program advocates are specially trained to help you navigate through these emotions and educate you and your family on how to get through these often life-altering events.

we would like to stand by your side

Victim Assistance Program has helped thousands of individuals who have experienced a situation similar to yours. We would like to stand by your side and provide you with support, education, and information to help you navigate through this journey. Our advocates can help you coordinate police involvement, assist in obtaining police reports, accompany you to court, assist in applying for the VINE offender notification system, connect you with community resources, discuss a safety plan, and provide crisis intervention.

Victim Assistance Program helps all individuals regardless of their age, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, ability to speak English, or disability.

Please know you don’t have to go through this alone, we are here to help. All you need to do is call, we never charge a fee for services.